Our reporters cover a wide range of local topics, from sports and lifestyle to politics and business. Below are some of our most popular story lines soon to be read by our viewers.

Local Politics

Offering the latest news on local elections, coverage of new bills, budget cuts, tax plans and more. We provide you with the most up-to-date news on local politics.

Sports Report

Whi Media Network provides coverage of sports teams from local middle and high schools to college and national teams. Browse our website in order to get the latest scores, rankings and more.

Healthy Living

We know staying healthy is very important to residents of Grinnell. From featuring local farmers’ markets where you can get the best produce  to tips for a healthy diet, our healthy living guide makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Events & Lifestyle Guide

Whi Media Network is your source for finding out about the best restaurants, special events, festivals and concerts taking place in & around Grinnell.

Our lifestyle guide will feature articles on the latest in home living, decorating, travel, fashion and more.  Stay tuned!

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